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Batang Kali and why it is Sought After

Batang Kali is a town in Selangor’s Hulu Selangor District.

The hamlet serves as a gateway to Genting Highlands, which houses a casino and a theme park. This is where the new Bandar Baru Batang Kali (Ligamas) township is located. During the Malayan Emergency in 1948, the Batang Kali massacre took place. Batang Kali is also home to Taman Seri. Taman Seri is Batang Kali’s oldest neighbourhood.

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The town may be reached via Keretapi Tanah Melayu’s Batang Kali Komuter station.

Most people have never heard of Batang Kali, a small town in the Philippines. Locals may have noticed it on a signboard along the Genting Highlands road. During the Malayan Emergency in 1948, the Batang Kali Massacre occurred, in which 24 innocent villagers were killed by Scots Guards.

Batang Kali is a town in Hulu Selangor that is close to another town called Ulu Yam. They share their original Hokkien culture, as well as natural attractions such as waterfalls and forests, with one another.

Things to do in Batang Kali

  1. A tour of the Organic Guava Farms

You’ve probably never seen guavas as big as the ones on this guava farm! This Taiwanese hybrid, which averages 1 kilograms in weight, is higher in Vitamin C and other nutritional benefits than regular guavas.

Mr. Ho and his sons run the farm, which they established after relocating from Johor to Batang Kali. You’ll be treated to luscious, crunchy slices of home-grown guava after seeing how they’re cared for and collected. If you get hooked, you can purchase some directly from the farm.

  1. Get Some Organic Honey While You are at it

There is also a bee farm on this guava farm. Honey has a long list of health advantages, and you can obtain local honey from the source here.

  1. Ogele at the Beautiful Orchids

Did you know Batang Kali is home to Malaysia’s second largest orchid nursery? The “Moth Orchids” in a spectrum of brilliant colours abound at World of Phalaenopsis, tempting the photographer or Instagrammer in you. This orchid species is said to be relatively easy to care for and can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks.

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  1. Get Lost in a Hokkien Village

Batang Kali is one of the few areas in Malaysia where you may experience real Hokkien culture, custom, and food, thanks to the presence of a mostly Hokkien Chinese community. You can take up the laid-back kampung ambiance by walking around the village.

Here’s a fun fact: in Batang Kali, there are five main roads, each named after a local landmark like the school, store houses, or temple. It is the only site in Malaysia where the roads still have their original Hokkien names, which were developed by the locals.

  1. Splash in the Sungai Sendat Recreational Park

You can take a diversion to the Sungai Sendat Recreational Park in the Batang Kali Forest Reserve if you have the time. There are various forest pathways as well as a waterfall where residents can picnic or swim.

Residential Properties

In terms of residential properties, the sleepy but lovely town of Batang Kali offers residential towers, semi detached bungalows, and two storeyed terrace homes. To learn more about the properties available in Batang Kali, visit edgeprop today!

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