Secret Cherry has the best female dildo in Malaysia
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Dildos are essential sex toy for women

There are many types of sex toys in the market. Dildo is a little more unique for the fact it is unisex. However, the dildos benefit women in many ways and it is an essential sex toy for women to keep for themselves. In that case, Secret cherry has the best female dildo in Malaysia. The dildos from Secret cherry will match your preferences and are convenient. In terms of improving your mood, enhancing better vaginal health, and allowing you to explore your sexual preferences, Dildo provides many more benefits for women.

Types of Dildos

Now, it is time to get to know about the types of Dildos 

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  • The replica

This type of dildo is created to look exactly like a human penis. It is also designed with testicles to look more realistic. To the women who are not interested in having sexual intercourse with a man, a dildo is a perfect option for fulfilling your desires through orgasms. It is also a practice for the first-timers, this may reduce the nervousness and would also be an opportunity to learn about their comfort moves.    

  • The non-replica 

These dildos do not have the exact representation of a dildo yet it gives you a near idea of a real penis. It is a rather round-shaped sex toy that would satisfy you. The preferences are yours! People who prefer kinky round objects can go for this object. 

  • Stiff dildos 

Stiff dildos are made to be non-flexible. These types of dildos help to arouse particular areas in our private parts. The material used to make stiff dildos can be glass, steel, or any still objects. It will be made in a safe way to use.

  • Soft toy

Soft dildos are very flexible and can be bent or moved according to your favorite move. These dildos will be made of squishy things such as silicone. 

  • Dildos with vibration

Dildos can be made up with vibration and without vibration. The vibrating dildos usually will be made up of silicones just like the soft toys.

  • The double-sided dildos 

As mentioned before, the unique factor about dildos can be used for both genitals. These dildos can be used for both vagina and anal. This option would allow both people to use it at the same time. 

Steps to use the dildo

  • Clean it – Clean before using the dildo to avoid dust or any dirty particular resting on the dildo. It is better to follow the instruction in the manual to be   
  • Use temperature for a dildo – This is based on the preference of the user. However, using a warm dildo will feel good for your skin. 
  • Use lube – It is advisable to use lube to reduce friction. There are many types of lubes such as water-based and silicone. For the stiff dildos, the usage of silicone lubes would be more appropriate. 
  • Foreplay – Some foreplay activities will be a better start before the penetration of the dildos. 
  • Clean again – After using the dildo clean the same way as before to use it hygienically.

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