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What Are The Consequences Of Oil Spill In The Ocean?

We are no longer new to oil spills. They have been happening since the industrial revolution and even before. Ever since technology expanded and we found new and cooler ways to drill into the seabed for petroleum, our headlines have been fresh with news about oil spills. It is nothing to be covered up or hidden by us or society. The reality is, we need to talk about it now. Otherwise, we all are going to be in grave danger.

The consequences of oil spills are not limited to just the dolphins, scallops, shrimps, skipjack tuna, sardines, starfishes, corals, lagoons, sharks, and other millions of fishes and invertebrates in the world. As much as we could say the ocean is huge and that our small human error accidents have little to do with what’s causing climate change and natural disasters. We could only wish for that to be true.

The truth about oil spills is that it impacts all of us. From birds to human life, no one is safe from the consequences of major oil spills. Some oil spills happen as a result of natural disasters and ground erosion in pipelines while others only happen because of negligence and shipping accidents in the ocean. This is why so many organizations are calling for stricter guidelines and rules and repairment laws. Marine companies that do floating hose repair in Malaysia to huge cargo shipping repair all play a hand in protecting marine life and finding better marine solutions. Customer service and products are not the only thing integral to the success of the business. It is also about the company’s responsibility towards taking care of the earth.

No matter how oil spills happen and why they happen, the consequences remain deadly. Let’s talk about some of the impacts of oil spills based on what is happening in the world as of now. 

Loss Of Habitat 

So many animal and plant communities suffered as a result of oil spills over the years. The oil spills during the second gulf war to the recent oil spill in the Indian ocean have caused a major loss of marine plants and wildlife habitats that were incredibly significant to the country. 

Decline In Sea Birds 

Marine life is not the only one affected but also birds. Birds who depend on the ocean and the sea found themselves benign toxified because of the major spills. They were not only finding a lack of food and habitat but they also find themselves coated in oil and breathing in harmful toxins. Some of these sea birds are consumed by humans so the toxicity also ends up in the food chain. 

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Loss Of Mammals And Fishes 

Mammals and fish lost their lives to the tragic oils spills. The cuteness of the dolphins is getting declined all because we cannot regulate the damage of oil spills. Governments are accountable for such spills just as huge companies are too. 

Socio Economic Impact 

The socio-economic impact lies in the number of communities and economies that depend on fisheries and tourism. With major oil spills happening around the world, it affects their sandy beaches that drive tourism and it wrecks the jobs of local fishermen. Our food resources are limited as more and more speed become endangered as a result of oil spills.