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Types of Online Casino Scams 

Since the pandemic, we were not allowed to travel; everyone seemed to pick up new hobbies and interests to fill up their spare time and keep them active and productive. Among all other hobbies like reading, painting and working out, gambling has also become a hobby for many people to entertain themselves at home without having to travel to Genting highlands. Online casino in Malaysia in 2021 has peaked, and the number of people playing it has increased more than ever. Among all the good things that come along with online gambling, there are definitely some downsides. Unfortunately, casino scams are also more prevalent nowadays as more people play online casinos. 

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Here are a few types of casino scams that you should know before playing online casinos. 

  1. Chip Dumping 

Chip dumping is commonly used in online games, and it is illegal. How does chip dumping work? It is the same as money laundering but with chips. A group of players sits together and agrees to lose to another player. They then put all of their chips into one player’s bankroll to assist them in meeting the bonus requirements. You should avoid playing against other individuals on a new website since some people may wager against you or start playing as a group of people or together with your friends to avoid this from happening. 

  1. Malware 

Some con artists construct online casinos just to entice people to join and download files that turn out to be malware. As a result, you should avoid downloading files from any random gambling websites you encounter. Instead, devote time to conducting thorough research on the gambling firm. Checking reviews of the gambling site can help you figure out the website or application; only a few seconds of google search can help you figure it all out, and it may save you hundreds.

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Scams in online casinos include warning indications.

  • If the bonus appears too good to be true, it is almost always a con.
  • It’s a fraud if the online casino site doesn’t have a verified licence shown on their website for openness.
  • No customer service information is available, such as an email address, phone number, or live chat.
  • There is no RTP information available (Return to Player Percentage)
  • Only one or a few payment alternatives are available.
  1. Rigged games

If you’ve been in the gambling field for a long, you would know this by now; some games are rigged to make money out of you. To simply put it, Rigged games are like hacking the game so that the percentage of the money returned to the players is low. Therefore, the company gains more than it loses by a huge amount. 

It is not impossible to find companies that do not scam people online, only a handful. Just remember to be careful. As with the good, there is also a bad that will come together. 

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