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Solving Your Plumbing Crisis During The Pandemic

It’s one crisis after another. 

This entire year has been filled with nothing but chaotic energy. With one lockdown following another, cases rising at a rapid rate and breaking world records, people dying all across the world, chaos is not a good enough word to explain the gravity of situations. 

Despite all the big things happening outside of the bubble of your home, our focus and energy have been to survive the safety of isolation. Being isolated has been no picnic. Especially for many who have been living alone. We have struggled with talking to our four walls and cooking for ourselves and letting the loneliness creep in for more than a year. For the most part, we all have gotten used to coping with the stress of isolation. Yet, on the other hand, the negative and downing side of being isolated does hit us badly when our home needs a little repair. Especially when our plumbing needs a little fixing. 

Plumbing issues are typical issues that are mostly left to the “man” of the house or repairers and contractors. We let the outside world come into our homes to fix the issues that we cannot fix ourselves on a daily basis. However, today this is no longer an option. Letting people come into our home even for repair or renovation is a risk to the community as well as yourself. If you are living with family and elderly members, the risk gets even bigger. For the sake of your own safety and others, today we are going to talk about how to solve your own plumbing crisis. 

Avoid The Crisis 

We will begin with the most obvious survival tip. It may be obvious, yet it is something greatly neglected. Now that we are home, the wear and tear of home appliances and tools are bound to increase. But this is not to say we cannot prevent the wear and tear. There are so many things we can do to avoid a major plumbing crisis in our home. The last thing we want to do is to neglect the proper use of the toilet and drive it to complete deterioration. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. 

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Call Your Technicians For Guidance Over The Phone 

Today, we are doing everything online. So it only makes sense to make a quick online call to your local plumber/technician and ask them for guidance before inviting them into your home. Or even attempting to fix the plumbing issue. Sometimes the issue might go deeper than anticipated. A youtube tutorial might not be all that helpful to fix it when in most cases it always works. To remain on the safer side, call a professional and explain the situation to them. Some plumbing issues may need to account for a material that you may not be familiar with such as mechanical coupling Malaysia

Lastly, if youtube videos were not helpful, nor was the phone call to a professional it is time to bring in someone to fix it before it becomes a huge crisis in your household. Make sure they are socially distancing, fully masked, and potentially wearing proper protective gear.