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Should You Pursue a General Science Degree in Ireland? 

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The medical field is one of the most popular fields among students because of its demand in the working era. People will constantly need healthcare, therefore you will never run out of job options if you choose to study medicine. Well, if you are a fan of studying abroad or you have a lifelong wish to pursue your career in a different country, maybe you should consider pursuing a general science degree in Ireland

Is Studying Abroad Stressful?

There is no simple answer to this question. Definitely, studying abroad has its pros and cons. For one, studying abroad could be exciting for those who enjoy travelling abroad. You will get to experience new cultures, make new friends of different ethnicities and enjoy life in a foreign country. 

It could be stressful for those who have not experienced life abroad yet. Being in a new place yet alone in a new country, all alone, could be intimidating. But you will need to keep an open mind so that you’re able to enjoy yourself and not be too stressed out. 

It is always good for you to experience what it’s like to live outside of your own country. It will help you gain new knowledge about the different cultures around the world, help you make more friends from all over the world, help you gain more experience in different cultures and also make you a more sociable person. 

image 1 - <strong>Should You Pursue a General Science Degree in Ireland?&nbsp;</strong>

Of course, you will need to be able to balance your social life with your studies well. In order for you to have a good time while studying abroad, you need to make sure that you have a good balance of work and socialization. It is important that you do go out and experience things so that you don’t get too cooped up and forget to enjoy yourself. Being too engrossed in your studies can also cause you to stress out, therefore you should always get yourself to enjoy the finer things in life too. 

Now, other than keeping a balanced social-studies life, how do you ensure that your time abroad is not stressful? You can also make sure that you set some time to talk to your friends and loved ones back home once in a while. It is completely normal for you to feel homesick, and one of the ways you can combat that feeling is by talking to your family and friends back home, keeping memories of them around you so that you don’t feel too alone while you’re abroad.

Having good friends is also a good way to keep you from feeling too down when you’re homesick since you’re so far away from home. Having good friends will ensure that you are able to express your feelings, talk to people and enjoy the company that you have while you’re abroad because it can definitely get lonely sometimes when you’re all alone in a different country with no friends from your home country. 
We hope that reading this helped you in making your decision of whether or not to study a general science degree in Ireland.