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Learn about the Top Paying Jobs in Malaysia

Learn about the Top Paying Jobs in Malaysia

Looking for a job is without a doubt not easy. However, being jobless is harder thus you should start looking for one right now and be determined to find just the right one for your skill. If you happen to be in Malaysia, you should easily find vacancies. After all, this is one of the busiest hubs in the entire globe.

So, what kind of job are you looking for? Are you skilled enough to look for the top paying jobs in this country? If that is the case, here are some of your best options:

1. Professional Gamer

You might think this is absurd, but this is so true. Thus, if you think you have the qualification, you should try this as you only need to join some tournaments in which the prices are simply to die for. However, you have to be sure that you have the skill as your opponents are not easy to defeat. This is why this job is not for everyone. This is only for those who love video games and can play up to 12 hours honing their skills.

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2. EHS or Environmental Health and Safety Manager

Your task will be to ensure that every company in your covered area are not at risk when it comes to their health. You will make sure that all employees adhere to safety standards. At the same time, you will also have to ensure that all companies will be sustainable environmentally in different aspects like in waste disposal, energy use and material use. One thing though, you must have a degree in occupational and safety and health, environmental science or anything that is closely similar.

3. Prosthetist or Orthotist

Your job here is to assist patients be comfortable with their artificial devices so they can support the functions of their body. Yes, while the prosthetist aids in artificial fitting limbs or whatever artificial devices his patient needs, the orthotist assist in fitting devices like braces or insoles. If you want to help people, and you have certificates for this kind of job, this might be your best option.

4. Executive Chef

Do you love to cook? jobs in kl might be just what you are looking for. When you are the chef, you need to develop menus, run the kitchen and manage the employees in that area. You need to make sure that you come up with something unique and healthy at the same time. Of course, it is given that the food should be tasty as well. In this industry though, you don’t only need the degree, you also need the experience. In fact, experience is more preferred than certificates here.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR

If you are a CSR, your scope of job includes planning CSR policies, and programmes for your company or the company you are part of. This role includes other areas such as philanthropy, internal policies and community events. Your primary goal is to enhance the image of the company. That means, you also need to deal with PR or media coverage.

6. Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH

Your job is to ensure there is no penetration in the IT system of the company. Thus, you need to improve their security by incorporating prevention penetration tests. While bad hackers might have the same skills with the CEH, their difference is that the latter use his skills in a lawful manner. You need to have a qualification based on your skill to compromise a system that is part of the virtual environment.

7. Air Traffic Controller

Your job here is to assist pilots so that they will always be on the right track. You must be able to exactly direct airport traffic and at the same time, issue landing and takeoff instructions. When you are in this position, you must be precise all the time. There is no room for mistakes here as a lot of lives are at stake. You need to be able to deal with intense situations like when you need to instruct a pilot for an emergency landing.

8. UX Designer

Your job is to enhance the product user’s experience through your designs. You should be more skilled than the graphic designer as you will be the one behind the scenes of the product’s entire journey until it reaches the hands of the consumers. You will be working closely with the different tech people like a web designer, developers and so on.

9. ESL or English as a Second Language Teacher

You will be teaching online here. You have to deal with different nationalities who want to learn how to speak English as their second language. Because you will be teaching English, it goes without saying that you must be a pro in writing and speaking the said language. At the same time, you also need to be patient with your students as it will not be easy to learn a new language. I am pretty sure you are aware of that if you plan to take this job.

It is indeed tough to be jobless in Malaysia. It just a good thing there are now so many job vacancies, either offline or online these days. You will have a lot of options and if you are just resourceful, you should end up in a good-paying job sometime soon.