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Healthy Children, Happy Children

Keeping oneself safe and healthy is one of the most important things in life, especially now that we are in the midst of a global pandemic that requires us to always be vigilant. Lately, our movements have been restricted due to the movement control order imposed by the government. And not only is it taking a toll on adults who are unable to go to work physically and have to work from home, but children are also experiencing tough times as their daily routines have experienced a massive change. Nevertheless, it is important that we make sure our children are practising a healthy lifestyle. Here are some ways how children can maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Make sure to exercise

Demonstrating the importance of leading an active lifestyle is essential when it comes to creating healthy behaviours. Regular exercise, in addition to increasing muscle strength, can make you feel better and perhaps help you sleep better at night. Children especially require their daily exercise as they are just full of budding energy that needs to be burnt out. Otherwise, this could cause them to have temper tantrums as they are just full of energy that turns into frustration. 

Some exercises that you could have your child do are riding their bicycles, running, swimming or even playing with your pet dog. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily have to be hardcore exercises. They just have to be enough to burn off the excess energy and at the same time, get the body moving. 

It is not much you have to do to get your children on the go, their tiny bodies are usually bursting with energy that just a little nudge is all you need to encourage them. In fact, you could take this opportunity to join them in their activities and get your own exercise in. you’d probably end up being the one that needs a breather. 

Having a balanced diet

You are, after all, what you eat, so it’s critical that you teach your children how to eat a well-balanced diet. There are many ways to turn nutrition into a pleasant family activity, in addition to making good choices like including nutrient-dense foods in family dinners. The one thing children usually avoid are fruits and vegetables. And I understand it can be hard to push healthy eating habits on children when they are young, but doing so could ensure that your child is healthy in the long run. 

You could try promoting healthy eating habits by including them in your children’s food. You could hide them in the rice or chicken instead of serving the vegetables as it is. For fruits, on the other hand, you could turn the fruits into fruit juice or smoothie bowls for your kids to enjoy. 

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Of course, if push comes to shove and your child still refuses to eat fruits and vegetables, you could replace those with health supplements for child development. There are certain health supplements that are catered for child development that provide the necessary vitamins and fibre that your child would normally get from eating fruits and vegetables.