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Pc gaming is better than console gaming

Pc gaming is better than console gaming

A lot of us love to play video games. You can see a lot of successful gamers out there either a pc gamer, console gamer or mobile gamers. Aside from all that, we will be discussing why PC gaming is better than console gaming. There are a lot of reasons behind it. You can all you want but a lot of us agree that pc gaming always be better than console gaming. You can’t deny that matter. It is true that console gaming such as playstation has their own speciality. But at the same time, PC gaming is always one step forward than console gaming. For example, the first-person shooter game requires people to play it on PC because they will have smoother gameplay than playing it on console platforms. Either way, console games can also be played on PC. That is why, people always choose PC over console because PC is always one step further than console. In fact, when you build or buy your own pc, you also can do anything else such as doing your work or watching youtube on it. But console? Sometimes they did not have any features like that and only give you a platform to play a game. Before we dig deeper into this matter, you should try for Time 500mbps and feel the difference while you play games. There is no lag or buffer while you are playing games, watching youtube or Netflix or doing your work. Below are some reasons why PC gaming is better than console gaming

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The price itself
We all know that the price for a console can be quite expensive at some time. But to build a PC, you are the one who set the price. You can set it as expensive as it can be or the cheapest one. The price is totally up to you. A basic PC gaming does not have to be an expensive one but as long as the hardware is suitable with the game you are going to play, it is totally fine. You do not have to spend one fixed price such as for a console at all. The outcome from the pc build is also alway better than a console. When you want to upgrade to a component or the hardware, you can simply change the component, not the whole PC. You also might be interested with time 100mbps malaysia for your home internet connection.

Better graphic than the console gaming
As has been mentioned just now, you can change the hardware if you want to. When we talk about that, the usual hardware that people always change is the graphic card. A lot of games nowadays require you to have a high end graphic in place to make the games run well. For a console, you can’t simply change the graphic card and if you really want to, you need to buy a new console. Time home fibre Malaysia can find for time broadband package malaysia and try to apply it for your home.

In conclusion, PC gaming is always better than a console. But at the same time, you have the money to buy both of it, you can always do so.

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