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Convenient Online Banking with Hong Leong Bank Website Malaysia

In this digital era nowadays, we can see how any kind of businesses and transactions could easily be done at the tip of our fingers. There are so many advantages too if we could take it from good perspectives especially in this Covid-19 era where it could help in lessen direct contact between people. However, there are people that are still not fully exposed with online businesses and transactions due to the lack of knowledge, personal facilities and options in terms of the best platform to use. Speaking of that, are you currently an internet banking user? If you are, have you ever thought on which internet banking website Malaysia that will be the most compatible one for your business daily? 

Indeed, it is crucial to have knowledge and find out the best platform or bank to continue with your online businesses and transactions if you are already a user, and to choose the best and convenient one if you are just about to start. It is undeniable that we have heard tons of cases that are related to how business and translation through online banking can be as dangerous as offline too. Where sometimes they also have to deal with problems such as money gone missing, transactions happening without permission and more that causing the particular person a big loss. This is why you should start your online banking with Hong Leong Bank now!

Things You Should Know About Hong Leong Bank Online Banking

#1 Who Is Hong Leong Bank

Hong Leong Bank is a Malaysia based regional financial service company with branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. It was proven as the most convenient bank for online banking because it is listed on the Bursa Malaysia  and has a strong Malaysian entrepreneurship heritage.

#2 The Easiest Requirements

Compared to the other banks, Hong Leong Bank has the easiest process for the registration. Knowing the life patterns now, surely the majority of people tend to choose the easiest, this is the reason why Hong Leong Bank only requires you a few steps to make it easier. All clients need are just one of the listed things down below:

  • Debit card.
  • Principal credit card.
  • Current or savings account.
  • Loan account.

#3 The Simplest Preparations

Online banking registration with Hong Leong Bank is so simple as it only involves minor things to get it completed. Where the things that you need to have as preparations are:

  • Have your debit/credit card or account details such as the card/account number or card pin.
  • Make sure your registered mobile number is correct to receive the Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) via SMS.
  • Prepare a temporary ID if you do not hold a debit/credit card and have a combination of products that includes a Loan account.
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#4 The Most Secure Online Banking

You can now use and access online banking with less worries as Hong Leong Bank will offer you only secure online banking with several advantages, which you can:

  • Access it conveniently.
  • Logging your account in and out easily without passwords.
  • Fast overview of financial statement.
  • New interface of transactions.
  • Varieties of language options: English, Bahasa Melayu and Simplified Chinese.

#5 Full Control Of The Account

  • You can track your cash flow 24 hours a day.
  • Able to view and download the account statements & payment advice for up to 24 months.
  • Track inward & outward foreign telegraphic transfer with FTT Tracker (SWIFT gpi).

Start your online banking with Hong Leong Bank now!