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Airtight jar: how to choose the best in 2020?

Hello Welcome to Tupperware. In today’s article you will know about the airtight jar, the ideal option for storing and preserving cookies, sweets, toast and cereals, jams, preserves and much more. With the ability to completely isolate food from the external environment, they have a high preservative power, keeping food with its original flavor and texture for longer.

Follow this review to the end to check out the best product options, plus the features you need to pay attention to in choosing the best airtight pot for your home.

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First, the most important

Sealed in the lid, the airtight jars are available in different models and materials, which help preserve food and maintain freshness and flavor.

Model, material, type of lid and capacity are some of the characteristics that you must observe to choose a suitable pot.

There are models in different price ranges, ranging from R $ 5 to R $ 100, depending on the brand, material and design of the boat.

Best Airtight Jars: Newsroom Favorites

Ideal for storing food and various items, airtight jars can help you decorate your kitchen. Therefore, choosing a quality product is essential. Take a look at our selection of some of the best airtight models:

The best airtight kit

The Electrolux Glass Pitcher Kit has a perfect airtight seal, which keeps food fresh for longer. The “Easy-Open” lid of the double rubber sealing system is easy to open and makes the pot practical and easy to use. It can go to the microwave, freezer, refrigerator and dishwasher. Made with material suitable for storing food, it does not contain BPA.

To go from the fridge to the table

The Lyor hermetic rectangular pot is available in various sizes. Made from clear borosilicate glass, it has a choice of blue or green accents. The lid is beautiful and delicate, giving the planter an ideal look to beautify your table and aid in the storage and preservation of your favorite seasonings.

With classic design

The Bormioli Rocco Fido pot helps in the storage and organization of the kitchen. Ideal for storing dry food and even small items. With hermetic closure and colorless body, it guarantees the conservation and rapid identification of the internal content.

Shopping guide

A beautiful and smart kitchen is functional, using its own utensils and accessories to enrich and decorate the room. And nothing better than good airtight pots to effectively store and preserve your food and still give a beautiful look of beauty and organization to the kitchen.

Consult our Buying Guide to learn everything about this accessory and how to choose the perfect model to compose your collection of kitchen utensils and make it more practical and functional.

Breakfast cereals are always fresh when stored in airtight jars.

What is the airtight pot and what is it for?

The airtight jar is a type of home cooked food container that can be made of glass, plastic, acrylic, and other materials. It has a cover equipped with a rubber layer that seals the air intake.

Air lock protects food from spoilage caused by the external environment.

This air block protects food from deterioration caused by the external environment, prolonging its durability and freshness.

It is the most ideal type of jar for storing cookies, sweets, toasts, cereals and condiments, since its high preservation power helps the items maintain their original flavor and texture.

Why use airtight pots?

In addition to the aforementioned fact that airtight jars fully isolate stored contents from the external environment, making it last much longer and preventing waste, they are also very practical.

As most models are transparent, it is not necessary to open the airtight bottle to check its contents, which again contributes to the preservation of the items. Very beautiful, they are ideal for display in the kitchen, helping to decorate the environment.

The pots also eliminate the risk of spilling or leaking food, as the lids offer an excellent seal, keeping the contents sealed and fully closed inside the pot.

They are extremely resistant, from the freezer to the microwave, as well as the refrigerator and the dishwasher, saving you a lot of time and comfort in the kitchen.