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Adding Dr. Clo’s Pet Sterilisation Into Pet Care

My cat, Mimi, is usually very active and likes to go outside and play with other cats frequently, however, every few months or so she will lose her energy. When that happens she would also lose her appetite to eat and lose some weight. I would bring her to the vet so often until one day the vet found out that it’s because my cat has been tracking bad bacteria and germs that affected her mood. I was then recommended by my friend to use Dr. Clo Malaysia disinfectant stick to sterilise her abode whenever she comes back from outside. 

First and foremost, Dr. Clo’s disinfectant stick does not contain any harmful chemicals for my cat. I used to keep my cat in another place before sterilising her abode because the chemicals in the previous disinfectant product were harmful to my cat. Hence, I always have to keep an eye on my cat so that she doesn’t accidentally come to the place that I am sterilising. On the contrary, now, I don’t have to worry about my cat being exposed to the sterilisation process because Dr. Clo disinfectant substances such as sodium chloride and hydrogen chloride are pet-friendly. It is also time-saving, meaning that I don’t have to allocate some time to sterilise my cat’s abode as Dr. Clo Malaysia disinfectant stick will sterilise it effortlessly. All I have to do is just place the disinfectant stick at an unreachable place for my cat (because the chemicals in it might leak if she bites or plays with it) and let it sterilise Mimi’s abode. 

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Over and above that, I thought that I had to buy about six Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks to cover my whole house but then I found out that they can last for up to 60 days and have an effective range of up to 15 square meters. Not only that the price is reasonable (RM 63.00 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM 68 for East Malaysia) but I don’t have to buy disinfectant sticks in a big quantity and frequently. Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks are also portable, meaning that I can bring them everywhere because they are small enough to fit into my handbag. Plus, its cylindrical shape makes it easier for me to handle it. 

Besides that, I got to know that most of the germs and viruses that affect Mimi are because of her exposure outside of the house. Now, I’m relieved that I don’t have to worry about my cat playing with other cats outside of my house like I used to because I know that she is always sterilised once she’s home, thus, she is protected from germs and viruses that might make her feel unwell. 

In addition, Mimi started to eat more compared to those days when she lost her energy. I decided to sterilise my fridge with Dr. Clo Malaysia refrigerator steriliser to ensure the meals that I make for my beloved Mimi are fresh and healthy. I can cook ingredients from my fridge without worrying too much about it. This product helps to break down pesticides and heavy metals usually found on food products to keep the food safe and fresh for a longer time. It is an unexplainable feeling of joy when I started to see Mimi finishing her meal and even asking for more. 

More than that, I decided to put one of Dr. Clo’s sterilising sticks in my car. Since I go to work on weekdays by car and bring Mimi to go to a nearby park and nature sightseeings on the weekends, I suspected that this could be also another factor contributing to Mimi feeling unwell. I can’t imagine how many germs I might have brought back home in my car after I finished working in an MLM company and exposed Mimi to those germs on weekends. Fortunately, with Dr. Clo disinfectant stick, I can travel with Mimi frequently knowing that she is protected from germs and viruses in my car. When I arrive home from work, Dr. Clo disinfectant stick will sterilise my car overnight before I use it the next morning, making it a safe space for me and Mimi to travel together. I also realised that Mimi enjoys car rides like she usually does and was not bothered by the scent of the disinfectant. I am pleased that this product makes my car smell fresh instead of a perfume smell that will result in me having headaches and an unpleasant journey with Mimi. 

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On top of that, even though I clean my bathroom every week, I make sure to place a Dr. Clo disinfectant stick and to let it sterilise and get rid of excess germs and bacteria in the bathroom. It also deodorises the bathroom without a strong odour or scent.  I can now bathe Mimi in a cleaner environment. Even if Mimi urinates in the bathroom, I don’t have to worry about the bathroom releasing a strong cat urine smell and my family can use the same bathroom whenever they want to. 

Moreover, now that I work from home most of the time, Mimi spends most of her time watching me doing my work and sleeping on my work desk, leaving fur behind. I had to spend about an hour cleaning and sterilising my room. Now, cleaning my room is easier than it used to be with Dr. Clo sterilising sticks. I sweep the fur left by Mimi and leave my room overnight to be sterilised and the next morning, the room is ready to be used for work again. Mimi leaving a lot of fur at the end of every single day in my room is not a concern for me anymore.

Furthermore, reputable South Korean authorities have now certified Dr. Clo disinfectant sticks as capable of eliminating up to 99.9% of the Covid-19 virus. Dr. Clo Malaysia is a great tool to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, following increased health and safety concerns both locally and globally. I’m very much a germaphobe who makes a point of keeping my hands clean at all times. But now I’m more acutely conscious of the need to sterilise, cleanse, and deodorise the air in my living areas and my car. Every time I go to the supermarket or even bring Mimi to the vet, I make sure to cleanse myself and my cat once we reach home. I make sure to clean high-touch surfaces regularly such as the doorknobs, tables, light switches and handles. Dr. Clo disinfectant stick further cleanses and sterilises these surfaces which reduce the risk of me getting Covid-19 and protect my cat from germs and bacterias.

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Last but not least, I am very delighted with purchasing Dr. Clo’s products and I will buy them again in the future. It helped Mimi to regain her energy and made my pet care routine way easier compared to previous disinfectants. I will strongly recommend Dr. Clo Malaysia products to anyone especially now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Utilise Dr. Clo sterilising sticks to keep your beloved ones safe and protected. If you want to get to know more about the sterilising sticks, feel free to visit Dr. Clo’s official website, Facebook page and Youtube channel. I hope that the sterilising sticks from Dr. Clo benefit everyone else the way they benefitted me.