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How Social Media Changed The Way We Do Marketing

Social media has transformed literally everything. It opened up so many opportunities despite the negative perception of social media among the older and younger generation. There is a number of social media platforms today. Some of them are yet to be born, some incredibly underrated, and some well known and beloved by all. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

People tend to use more than one of these social media platforms. Having two to three social media channels is the norm and people use each of these for different purposes. The purpose also varies based on age, gender, and generation. Millennial is more likely to use Instagram than they would TikTok. A person of Gen Z might be affiliated with the recently born TikTok, the largest video-sharing social media platform. 

If a business is able to identify the best social media for themselves and is able to identify their target market on social media, it can do wonders. Businesses that use social media have seen vibrant changes in their organization. Some start-ups have found instant success while others are slowly revolutionizing themself with social media. Either way, it is a huge part of the business world, especially in terms of the marketing and communicating functions of the business.

The technological advances in social media have completely revolutionized and changed the way marketers conduct marketing campaigns and communicate their strategies. With any advantage social media has, marketers must become efficient at utilizing them to make a profitable business. 

Social Media changed marketing in so many different ways and let’s have a look at some of the ways it has differed from traditional marketing. 

Prioritization Of Data In Marketing 

With more than 3 billion people on social media, it is impossible to connect with all of them. But social media has this powerful move when it comes to connecting businesses with their target audience. However, finding the target audience means reading and listening to the 3 billion people and obtaining valuable data on them. Large companies use data obtained from social media that is on server backup Malaysia to gain valuable insights. These insights are what help businesses effectively target customers. It also helps businesses understand the type of service or products the consumers are looking for. More importantly, marketers are able to communicate according to their needs, changing behavior, trends, and efficiently draw up marketing campaigns. 

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Need For Visual Content And Effective Copywriting

Social media also changed the way we consume content. We went from reading, watching TV to having an attention span of less than seconds and an obsession with videos and high-quality images. Many companies have proudly marketed themselves using the power of visuals and copywriting on social media. Branding is also concreted with the amplified need for engaging and relevant content from companies. Marketers are responsible for understanding the type of content that suits the goals of the business and what content will generate leads. 

Visuals, videos, images, data, and accessibility of social media are not the only way it changed marketing. Social media also created the space for customer centrism, personalization, and customization in marketing. People pay attention to how marketers and companies choose to communicate with their target audience.  

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