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To rent or not to rent? That is the question.

Glenmarie a popular district located in Shah Alam capital of Selangor, Malaysia offers varied real properties one can choose to either rent or buy. Shah Alam condo are being built and constructed in the area available for sale and also for rent. The apartments for sale in Shah Alam are even popular among elites, acquiring it as a form of investment. But for some or those having the average income and finances is an issue, to either rent or buy the property remains the question.

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True to its name, living in Glenmarie, Shah Alam is like living as a king in the world. Many are tempted to own properties in this place but are being limited by financial constraints. Regarding renting a place or not, there is no universal rule. It will still depend on the person’s situation, his ideal place and also on the locality. Still there are many properties for homeownership that are available at lower prices or offering lower percentages on mortgages but some people want to get free of the responsibility that comes with homeownership as compared to the carefree renting. Thus all in all it will still depend on the person. To give an overview, here are the common benefits of renting a place. By renting you have the freedom to move in and out whenever you want. The maintenance of the property for example if it needs repairs is shouldered by the landlord making you save from other expenses also. The money allotted to buying your property can also be allocated for the meantime to other investments with high yield returns so that you can save more money to buy your own property in the future. If you think about it, if you mortgage for homeownership you will still be paying an amount per month, this may seem cheaper but if you have unexpected repairs you’ll have to either do the repair yourself or ask others which will entail additional expenses for professional fees. Renting then becomes cheaper as compared to mortgages. Renting also gives you freedom to change places as compared to owning a house. With renting, you’ll have an agreement with your landlord for how long you will stay usually a year or two after that you are free to stay longer or move to another place as compared to having your own which means you have to stay at least 30 years. Renting will make it easier for you to decide if you want to move in or out in cases where you have job relocations or other reasons.

On the other hand, disadvantages of renting are after paying for a long time you end up owning nothing. There might also be a lot of restrictions like owning a pet and others. Or if the owner sells you could be forced to move out with short notice. Renting is equivalent to temporary so if you want to establish a permanent niche then renting will not be advisable. All in all the decision will still end up from the needs and wants of the person himself.