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3 top design for app in 2020

Do you know what is a mobile app? The mobile application also known as the app is a software application program that is designed usually to run on a phone or tablet. If you are the business owner having an app is really important for your business because it will make your customer easier to access your business like to communicate with you. It also can make your brand seem trusty and at the same time, it will also save your marketing time like sending the newsletter to your customer because using the app you can just update the promotion or new on the app. Without wasting our time, let’s move on to the app design for 2020 that you should consider designing for your app if you did not have one yet or to revamp the app. 

The first one that is quite popular is the dark mode design. Many social app like Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram has this feature and most of the users really like it. Users also can change either they like the dark mode or the day mode. The dark mode actually also has a benefit which is it can save your battery lives and make your battery lives a little bit longer than usual. It also can reduce your eyes strain especially when you are in a dark place. It is really hurt when your screen is really bright and sometimes it can make you uncomfortable reading the text on the screen.

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Next, the design that is quite popular for 2020 is a transparent element like a gradient. If you noticed from the past few years many designers try to bring this design but many of them failed and after failed so many times 2020 is a really good startup for them to bring this design back because this design actually quite stylish and seem minimalist. Using transparent elements like this actually can fit more information in one screen without seeing messy and heavy at all. This actually a really good design that designers create so if you thinking to make any apps that have a design like this why not try search famous mobile app developer in Malaysia to create your app. 

The rounded and organic shape also is quite famous designs that show like a stereotypically cold and sterile tech environment. This design also approachable and really fun it also usually express the kind of freedom to your design. Many people agree that this design is quite nice and at the same time can make them less stressed because it seems like a minimalist design.

That is all the 3 designs that is quite popular this year. There is actually another design also but for now, here is the 3 design that you need to consider to put on your app. If you are one of the designers that not trying to do this design yet go and try now because it is quite fun to explore other designs. If you are a business owner that does not know how to design, create, and launch an app, you can go and search for mobile app developers in Malaysia that can meet your needs.