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Can You Brand A Person?

Branding got no limits. It is about the image you create for a product, an organization, a building, or even a country. For example, Paris. Paris is branded as the most romantic place on earth. Local vendors, tourism, and agencies work hand in hand to preserve this image. This preservation is the maintenance of their brand image. Paris is romantic, elegant, and dreamy. Another example of how branding works is coca-cola. 

Did you know that coca-cola belongs to the top list of words said and recognized by all of the worlds? Everybody knows coca-cola. They equate happiness instantly with coca-cola. The sound of a frizzy drink or can opening is also directly related to the opening of a coke bottle. Coca-cola has done their branding so well and they build their image all over the world to make sure they have the highest brand recognition across the world. There is not a child or an adult who does not know what coca-cola is around this world.

So how does branding work? It involves creating an identity for your company. Similarly can you “create” an identity for an individual. Can you brand another person? Is it possible to advertise your own self as a brand? Are there any such examples of people who are branded all over the world? 

Elon Musk. Certainly familiar right? We know him as the goofy space genius on Twitter. We also sometimes know him as the meme lord who revolutionized space. He is also the legendary man to send his Tesla Roadster into space over four years ago. Time flew fast but with time he definitely branded himself. His actions, messages, and marketing spoke value to people. And they had one consistent them and message. He spoke revolutionary words in the technology world. He is a genius who is fun and lighthearted, given his consistent antics on youtube and Twitter. He branded himself as valuable, approachable, spontaneous, and exciting to his audience. 

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Over the years we have developed a name for this form of branding. It is called personal branding. A lot of people personally brand themselves. This is the act of creating an identity surrounding their persona or their career. For example, world-famous YouTubers such as Pewdiepie also branded themselves as sarcastic, wholesome gamers and YouTubers. He roasts people, makes people laugh, takes accountability, and plays the game. And he remains humble. His persona is a brand now. 

So how do people brand themselves? Just like any other form of branding as advised by branding agency around the world, it is about creating uniqueness and value for people. It is something your followers can learn from, be entertained with, and be happy to follow. The unique value can be in your skills, your advice, or even your knowledge. In order to brand yourself, you have to be organized with how you approach the world. There are thousands preparing to brand themselves but they find themselves fumbled as a result of inconsistency and irregularities. Branding yourself will never be easy but it is not an impossible task!