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Broadband bonus for families is triggered

According to Malaysia, broadband is a strategic infrastructure, essential for the development of the country and the lives of citizens. Without a fast connection there cannot be smart cities, smart homes and connected cars, not to mention the remote working and distance learning needed to tackle the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. And here comes unifi internet package.

Broadband, meaning

First of all, let’s clarify the precise meaning attributed to this term, especially in the public sector. Broadband is defined as an Internet connection that allows surfing at least 2 Mbps (megabits per second). If this speed exceeds 30 Mbps, it is already talking about ultra-broadband. The Mbps unit of measurement also specified that stands for megabits per second and not megabytes: a megabyte is equivalent to 8 megabits, so you must be careful when evaluating the offers of telephone companies!

The term broadband, which derives from the English broadband, actually indicates the capacity of the connection system, or how much data it can transmit at the same time. However, in common usage the term “broadband” refers to fast connections, from ADSL upwards.

Investing in broadband and digital

You now have all the basic information about broadband. If you are thinking of taking advantage of the broadband bonus, consider carefully the requirements and conditions offered by the operator. More generally, think of broadband as an investment – maybe 20 Mbps or less fiber may be enough for you and your family in the present, but soon it won’t be enough.

The restrictions due to the COVID emergency have made new digital needs evident, destined to remain even after the end of the pandemic: new hybrid educational models of presidential school and distance learning, teleworking even in rural areas, home automation, smart cities, smart devices for reduce the environmental impact of urban areas and so on.

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